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United States
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Coloring and finishing this page off.
  • Reading: Warchild
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TGI-Zuzume Nov 27, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
so is K-E incomplete now?
Hey, will you continue the K-E? Becuase I really liked it and I want to know what will happen next ^_^ (Sorry for poor english)
hey-ho! This is me again xD

I'd like to apologize for not submitting any comment yesterday, I had some internet issues (more like our mobile company had them, but whatever) ad was unable to access internet the whole day.

So, hoping that one day you might continue your awesome story, I'd like to make some brief comments about your art in Knight errants ^^

Your first page was, for me, the best of all of your comic. I fell immediately in love with your art the moment I saw how you drew the faces and the use of colors you had. I really do not have enough words to show you what I felt with just the first page.

What might have caught my eye was probably the way you drew the noses and the chins. Just so **

Anyways, I hope I'm not bothering you with all my babbling. Because what I'm trying to achieve is quite the contrary.

Have a nice what's-left-of-the-day!


                                                                                                                                                             (and update pleaseeee xd)
Eninaj27 Oct 18, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
The are at least a few more "newer" pages on, you know that? :)
Oh god, no, I did not know that 0.0

But I can't seem to find the comic in there...
Eninaj27 Oct 19, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Did you try to follow the link in the Deviant ID?
(1 Reply)
Also, now I'm kind of confused. First you call the guy previously known as Amir by his name at the begging of chapter 3, and then, in your coments, at the end of chap 3 he turns into Wilfrid? Did I miss something? Because I'm bewildered 0.0

I think I'd be posting on your profile every now and then, just in case it might bring your muse back (?). Anyways, hope's last to die. I wonder if you still log on to your Deviantart account D':
I stumbled across your comic Knight errant and fell like, immediately in love with it. Then I found your Deviantart account, enthusiastically skimmed through it all, to find out that your masterpiece seems to be on Hiatus. I think a part of me has just died ;__;

Believe me when I tell you that I've spent like 6 hours trying to find some other webcomic as nicely drawn and narrated as yours, but to my demise, I've only wasted my time and depressed myself xD

I sincerely hope that you'd continue with this comic, because your art is astonishing and refreshing, and the story (even though I was kinda expecting Amir to remain "officialy male") is very promising ^^

Please, don't give up! What would have happened if the great artists would have decided to stop creating their masterpieces? No Venus de Milo or Mona Lisa for no one! >.<
Knights Errant is like a little gem and I can't wait to see more of it. You're amazing! :D
PrincePyro Sep 12, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Oh man, found your Knights Errant comic online. Cannot tell you enough how awesome it is. I hope you continue your rockstar work with it! It's been a treat!
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